We gather to hear the gospel message of Jesus, to connect with community, and together explore ways we can be in service to the world.  Our doors are wide open, and we invite you to join us.

Sunday Morning Worship

Worship Services begin at 10:00 A.M

Communion is offered during the service on the first Sunday of each month and is open to all.

We offer a blended worship experience that incorporates a number of worship styles and traditions that reflect our diversity.

  • A variety of musical opportunities including organ, chancel choir, bell choir, occasional guest artists, and congregational hymn singing.
  • Family worship with Sunday School for children.
  • Infant and preschool childcare is available.
  • Children are welcome in our sanctuary during worship.

Holy Communion During Worship

Holy Communion is offered on the first Sunday of the month. In the United Methodist Church, Holy Communion is open to all persons and all ages.  You need not be a member of this church or any other faith community to participate.  We serve grape juice instead of wine so all may partake.

Special Services of Worship

We offer special services during the liturgical year for Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and during Lent — Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday or Good Friday.

What to Expect When You Worship With Us

As you arrive, the ushers will greet you at the entry to the sanctuary.  They can answer any questions you may have.  They will also give you a bulletin that describes the order of the service.

The following is a general description of what to expect.

Organ/piano music provided, giving worshipers a few moments for reflection before the service begins

Greeting by the liturgist

Congregational Singing
We join in praise songs and hymns throughout the service.

Praying Together
We pray a common prayer and on the third Sunday of each month we offer our prayers through individual candle lighting.

The Life and Work of the Church
This is a time for announcements and visitor sign-ins and greetings.

Passing the Peace
We are all invited to pass the peace of Christ among one another—feel free to move about if you wish.  If someone says to you, “The peace of Christ be with you,” you can respond with “And also with you.”

Scripture Reading
You may follow along with the Scripture reading in the pew Bible located in the back of the seat in front of you.

Pastor delivers a sermon

Celebrating Communion
At the invitation of the pastor, you walk up the center aisle toward the altar.  Take a piece of bread from the communion steward and then dip it into the cup.  After you receive your communion, you may return to your seat by the side aisle.  If you are unable to walk to the altar, the communion stewards will bring the elements to you.

Offering Our Gifts
The ushers will come forward and  collect our offerings.

The pastor offers words of blessing as we prepare to depart. Occasionally the Chancel Choir will offer a choral benediction afterwards.

If there is a musical postlude, you may stay and enjoy the music or feel free to leave by the main aisle or any of the side doors.

After the Service
Please plan to linger after worship so that we have time to visit with you.  Please join us for refreshments in room 8 across the garden from the sanctuary.

Church Luncheons

Once a month there’s an all-church open church luncheon in Rooms 7/8 of the Ockerman Building after worship. In warm weather there are tables both inside and outside. Sometimes it is a potluck, and sometimes it has other formats. These are announced ahead of time.

Everyone is welcome—even if you are worshiping with us for the first time—even if you did not bring a food item to share. There is always plenty of food. Never hesitate to join us or to bring a guest!

The luncheon is an opportunity to meet newcomers, to get better acquainted with fellow worshipers  and to catch up with friends.  Normally this event is held on the first Sunday of the month, but it’s sometimes moved due to conflicts. Check the church calendar!