Every Member a Minister; Every Minister in Mission.

There are many ways to serve the church—evangelism, the ministry, education of youth or adults, hospitality, being a part of the worship service, helping to maintain the church.

Following is a list of our formal committees. If you are interested in helping, please contact the church office. If you would like to help in a way that is not shown here, please let us know.


  • Sunday School is held at the same time as the 10 am church service. We teach in teams, and volunteers are always welcome.


  • Tri-City Ministries
    Donate or transport food.

Spiritual Development

  • Palm Hill Men’s Fellowship
    Meet 1st Saturday of the month for breakfast and fellowship.
    Service opportunities with the Homeless Shelter.
  • United Methodist Women
    All women in the church are welcome to the Fellowship Circle and Craft Group, where fellowship and service are combined.
  • Women’s Retreat
    A weekend retreat for women each year. In recent years these have been held in-town so that more women may easily attend.

Adult Study

  • Various short-term studies are held throughout the year, often in small groups in homes. We’re always looking for group leaders and hosts.


  • Worship Leaders
    Members of the congregation who help the pastor lead the service
  • Worship Planning
    Committee that plans/prepares worship services with the pastor.
  • Worship Visuals
    Banners, projection slides, seasonal decorations.
  • CommunionPerson(s) responsible for preparing communion sacraments
  • Ushers / Greeters
  • Instrumentalists, Musicians, Vocalists
    Vocal choir, bell choir, special music throughout the year


  • Setting up and cleaning after the post-service refreshment.

Church Grounds Coordination

  • Garden Club
    A good place to get dirty and make the church grounds beautiful.


  • eFocus
    We have both online and paper versions. Help with either is always appreciated.
  • Web Site
    People are needed to help maintain our web content. If you can manage word processing, you can do this.

Office Help

  • Assist in the office with various duties, including regular publication of newsletter, bulletins, etc.


  • Assist in monitoring books in church library, including shelving and check-outs/returns.