Final Day of Conference

What happened February 25

From the Western Jurisdiction Communications Team

After a short time of worship, the General Conference continued as a legislative committee. The legislative committee’s task was to review and perfect legislation. Only items that received a positive vote in the legislative committee will be reviewed by the full plenary session on Tuesday.

Speeches for and against, motions, amendments, calls to end debate, questions of explanation, “time is up,” and times of confusion were the order of the day and the committee did its work. There were questions, challenges, and frustrations throughout the day.

In the end, the Traditional Plan was passed by a narrow margin, but still with many aspects that are of questionable constitutionality. Two different petitions that provide for new ways for churches to exit from The United Methodist Church connection were also passed.

Two petitions from Wespath, originally bundled with the One Church Plan that relate to clergy pensions, were also passed.

The One Church Plan was narrowly defeated, and all other legislation was also defeated.

Today, we can expect to see the One Church Plan reappear in the form of a minority report to the Traditional Plan legislation. In addition, any other petition moving forward is subject to amendment and revision.

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