Property Development

Conceptual Design for Event Hall

First United Methodist Church of Fremont at 2950 Washington Boulevard is announcing our application to build a new social hall, “Palmdale Hall”.  We have been blessed with a landmark property of approximately 4.5 acres on Washington Boulevard, studded with stately palm trees.   In the late 1800s this land was part of the Gallegos/Palmdale Winery.  Our original building, Cole Hall, housed our sanctuary and offices. We later built an 8-room education building, and lastly our current Sanctuary in 1980.  Cole Hall now serves as our social hall, as well as the home of Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation. These buildings and the connecting gardens take up only about two thirds of our property.  The balance has been left undeveloped, as we have considered how we are called to put it to its highest and best use.

The committee formed to discern that call had the following mission:  “To meet the evolving needs of our congregation and community, keeping First United Methodist Church of Fremont relevant well into the 21st century.”  We acknowledge that Fremont is continuing to change, and we want to embrace and be a part of the future of Fremont.   We discovered that Fremont has a shortage of meeting spaces, and elegant banquet facilities, especially with the closing of Palmdale Estates’ Best House. The United Methodist Church directs us to “Engage in the public square”, not to sequester ourselves behind closed doors, and our new social hall, Palmdale Hall, will allow us to do just that.

Palmdale Hall will house a banquet room to seat up to 300, as well as offices, kitchen, smaller meeting rooms, and a fireside room for intimate church gatherings.  Our vision for Palmdale Hall is an elegant facility reminiscent of the original Palmdale Estates, consistent with the history of Mission San Jose, and our property’s history as Palmdale Winery.  It will include inside and outside gathering spaces, and beautiful gardens, including a garden labyrinth which will be available to the public as a place for contemplation, prayer and renewal.  We consulted with the Red Cross, so that Palmdale Hall will be built with the necessary facilities to be used as an emergency shelter in future disasters.  Veena Roesler, owner of Palmdale Estates, will bring her 30 years of experience to Palmdale Hall as she leases it from us to provide banquets and wedding receptions to all members of the community, regardless of religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Palmdale Hall will sit on the grounds of First United Methodist Church, but our hope is that it will become an integral part of the city of Fremont for decades to come.