Sanctuary Schedule

This page shows current reservations for the Sanctuary. Click on a reservation to see details, including complete time span.

Note: We’re currently having trouble displaying the calendars on iPhones and iPads. Please check the solutions below if you keep getting a security notice.

TIP: Reservation durations can vary widely, but only the start time of a reservation can be shown in the monthly view. To see the end time of a reservation, click on the reservation, or switch to the week view.

Solutions to the iPad & iPhone problem

Our apologies – it appears that Apple and Google are not working well together on iPhones and iPads due to a security setting on those devices.

Please try these solutions:

  • Try your room search on any laptop or desktop computer, including MacBooks.
  • Try a browser besides Safari, if available.
  • On your device, go to System Preferences/Privacy & Security/Tracking. Toggle off “Allow Apps to Request to Track” or “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking”. The wording may vary depending on your device.
  • Please email us to check available dates if those don’t work for you.