Frequently Asked Questions

Before calling with a question, please check the list below.

How much does it cost to rent a room for my event?
One-time rental rates are listed on this page. Repeating rentals may sometimes be negotiated.

Can we serve food?
Rooms 7/8 and Cole Hall allow food. Rooms 7/8 have a small kitchette. The full kitchen in Cole Hall may be rented.

Who will set up or clean up a room that we are renting?
You will need to set up and take down chairs and tables. Food supplies need to be sorted into compost, recycling and garbage. Bag should be taken to the dumpsters.

Does our room come with a microphone?
You must request use of a microphone. It will be set up for you. There may be an extra charge.

We are a for-profit school. Can we rent space?
No. We only rent to private parties, nonprofits or musical educators as specified in our church’s mission.

Are the pianos tuned?
We have grand pianos in the Sanctuary and Cole Hall and upright pianos in the Sanctuary, Cole Hall and Rooms 3/4. All pianos are tuned regularly.

How can I see the ending time of a reservation on the reservation calendar? All that shows is the start time.
Click on the reservation. The popup window will show both start and end times.

My recital needs more than 3 hours.
That can be done. Contact our rental committee and/or show the full amount of time that you need on the application. Check with the rental committee for pricing.

Can I see the facility?
Yes. Please send an email to to make arrangements

I need a regular rental on Sundays for church services or a prayer group.
Our campus is often very busy that day with events and services for two churches. We do not rent out the facility on a repeating basis on Sundays.