Every Member a Minister; Every Minister in Mission.

There are many ways to serve the church—evangelism, the ministry, education of youth or adults, hospitality, being a part of the worship service, helping to maintain the church.

Following is a list of our formal committees. If you are interested in helping, please contact the church office. If you would like to help in a way that is not shown here, please let us know.


Sunday School is held at the same time as the 10 am church service. We teach in teams, and volunteers are always welcome.


  • Windsor Country Drive Care Center
    Bingo games on Wednesday nights
  • Tri-City Ministries
    Donate or transport food.

Spiritual Development

  • Palm Hill Men’s Fellowship
    Meet 1st Saturday of the month in Cole Hall for breakfast and fellowship, and have dinner out once a month.
    Service opportunities with the Homeless Shelter.
  • United Methodist Women
    All women in the church are welcome to the Fellowship Circle and Craft Group, where fellowship and service are combined.
  • Women’s Retreat
    A weekend retreat for women each year. In recent years these have been held in-town so that more women may easily attend.

Adult Study

Various short-term studies are held throughout the year, often in small groups in homes. We’re always looking for group leaders and hosts.


  • Worship Leaders
    Members of the congregation who help the pastor lead the service
  • Worship Planning
    Committee that plans/prepares worship services with the pastor.
  • Worship Visuals
    Banners, projection slides, seasonal decorations.
  • CommunionPerson(s) responsible for preparing communion sacraments
  • Ushers / Greeters
  • Instrumentalists, Musicians, Vocalists
    Vocal choir, bell choir, special music throughout the year


Setting up and cleaning after the post-service refreshment.

Church Grounds Coordination

  • Garden Club
    A good place to get dirty and make the church grounds beautiful.


  • eFocus
    We have both online and paper versions. Help with either is always appreciated.
  • Web Site
    People are needed to help maintain our web content. If you can manage word processing, you can do this.

Office Help

Assist in the office with various duties, including regular publication of newsletter, bulletins, etc.


Assist in monitoring books in church library, including shelving and check-outs/returns.